Taken in and around St Mary’s Society, (relatively central) Pune.
This was one of the few trips I’ve made which I didnt take my camera on, however the old British architecture and dilapidated doors and walls held a rustic form of beauty I couldn’t resist attempting to capture, even with just my phone camera.
Here are those enthusiastically captured, relatively low-res images.

IMG_20160503_085529495 copyIMG_20160503_163934748_2IMG_20160503_164055863 copyIMG_20160503_164203314_2IMG_20160503_164246999IMG_20160503_164315668 copyIMG_20160503_164320832 copyIMG_20160503_164523175_2IMG_20160503_164656744 copyIMG_20160503_170508461 copyIMG_20160503_170515315 copyIMG_20160503_170651742 copyIMG_20160505_085931891 copy


I spent a good deal of time deliberating whether these pictures were worthy of being blogged: simply because they were clicked on a humble Moto E, a phone that is known for its bad camera. Not sure what made me make the decision to post them anyways, but here they are.
Thanks for reading!


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